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Pawsitive Pet Care Inclement Weather Policy

Pawsitive Pet Care Inclement Weather Policy

Dog walking is an all-weather, all-seasons job and as dog walkers we must be prepared to walk in all types of weather and must dress appropriately.  

Our walking services will not be cancelled unless the driving conditions are so extreme that it is unsafe for either the dog walker or the dog.  

As pet care providers we are expected to use common sense and good judgement when considering the safety and comfort of ourselves and the pets in our care.  

Pawsitive Pet Care and its employees will use creativity and resourcefulness in providing stimulation and exercise for pets if it is too hot or cold for an outside walk.  If the walk is shortened the service will continue for the agreed upon length of time, and the dog walker will provide a potty break, socialization, company and stimulation for the dog indoors.  This can include playing with toys, cuddling, or doing positive reinforcement training, depending on the dogs' needs and preferences. 

The policy of Pawsitive Pet Care is to shorten dog walks to 20 minutes or less if the weather reaches colder than -35◦C with the wind chill, or higher than +35◦C with the humidity index, and/or dog walkers can use their judgement when environment Canada issues an extreme weather alert.  For one-hour walks, this can include two twenty-minute walks with a 20-minute break indoors.  

2019 addendum: We are sorry to have to include this in our policy!  If the weather reaches colder than -40C with the wind chill, all one-hour walks will be reduced to 30-minute visits and walks will be done in 5-10 minute increments, with frequent returns inside to warm up.  We will ensure dogs have an opportunity to relieve themselves and will make safety the number one priority.  

With this said, owners can provide their own guidelines for their dogs who may be particularly sensitive to the cold or heat, and our staff will make adjustments based on the individual needs of each pet in our care.  

Please provide anything you feel will make your pet's experience more enjoyable, such as booties, coats, water bottles, cooling vests, and anything that will help your pet feel more comfortable.  Our staff will follow the instructions of each pet owner and will monitor the pets for comfort and enjoyment of their time with us.  Their safety is always our first priority.

If you have any questions, concerns, or specific requests for your pet, please contact us.  Thank you for helping us give your pet a fun and enjoyable experience!

The Pawsitive Pet Care Team

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Jillian is a fear-free certified and CPDT-KA certified animal behaviour specialist and has been working in the animal care and behaviour field since 2009.  

For additional tips for keeping your pet safe during cold weather, please visit the Winnipeg Humane Society pet blog at https://www.winnipeghumanesociety.ca/cold-weather-safety-for-pets/

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